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Bangkok - January

January 10 - 13, 2019

Kendell, Nick

Fair Organizer:
Nick Kendell

Deelman, Harry

Fair Organizer:
Harry Deelman

January 10 - 13, 2019


Fair Organizers: Nick Kendell, Harry Deelman


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As a fair early in the recruiting season, the Bangkok-January Fair favors strong teaching couples and singles without dependents. The numbers in attendance are expected to be about 600 candidates and 130 schools (most of which bring two or more recruiters).

The schools recruiting at this fair come from a wide variety of locations worldwide. Search Associates-registered candidates, of all nationalities and all standard specialist fields in schools, are welcome to request an invitation to attend the Bangkok-January Fair. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Job Fairs on the website.


If your school is interested in attending this fair, please contact Nick Kendell at nkendell@searchassociates.com

Because of the large number of schools regularly attending this fair, there is a wait-list established.


Candidates must be registered with a branch of Search Associates if they wish to request an invitation to attend the Bangkok-January Job Fair.

Attendance at this fair is by invitation only. "Checking" interest in the Bangkok-January Fair on the Search Associate online application does NOT constitute an invitation.

Because this is an early fair and attended by highly experienced international educators, this fair is quite competitive. Recruiters know that they have other fairs to attend at later dates, so they are very selective in this first round. Please talk with your sponsoring associate to determine if this fair is a good match for you or if another fair would be a better "fit".

Experienced, strong educator couples and experienced, strong single educators without dependents have an advantage at this fair.

Candidates who are already registered with Search Associates should notify their Search sponsor of their interest in this fair and request an invitation.


·       Candidates who have been registered with Search Associates in the past should re-register with the same associate and request an invitation to this fair.

·       Candidates who are new to Search and wish to attend the Bangkok Fair. Please look first at the region in which you live and register with the associate responsible for the region; If you are international (living outside of the US, UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand), you may register with the following:

Nick Kendell – Candidates with limited or no IB experience and who are open to IB and non-IB positions should register with Nick Kendell

Harry Deelman – Candidates with IB experience, (PYP, MYP, and/or DP) and aiming mainly at an IB job in an IB school should register with Harry Deelman.


·       Essential attendance from 10 January to late afternoon on 13 January. Please note: attendance is by invitation only.

·       Registration for Candidates begins on 10 January. 

·        To get the most from your Fair experience we advise attendance at a candidate orientation meeting  (Highly recommended for all teachers but especially for those new to the Bangkok Fair).

·        DO NOT BE LATE to the interview sign-up session. The interviews arranged will determine your schedule for January 11 - 13.

An early request to your sponsoring associate (after becoming an active Search Associates candidate) for an invitation is important - best during SEPTEMBER or OCTOBER. Candidates will only be invited to attend the Bangkok-January Fair if we consider that they match the needs of the recruiters who will be at the fair and stand a real chance of receiving offers. About 50-60% of the fair attendees are expected to accept contracts resulting from the fair.

Please click here for the tentative Schedule - Fair Candidate Schedule.pdf



Did You Know…?

President of Search Associates, Jessica Magagna, was born in Morocco and attended the American Community School in Iran while her father was headmaster.