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Beijing/Shanghai, China


Sumner, Xiaohang

Fair Organizer:
Xiaohang Sumner

Fair Dates: TBA


Fair Organizer: Xiaohang Sumner

The Shanghai/Beijing Fair is held relatively late in the recruiting season and is designed for schools that have late vacancies to fill or want to promote themselves in a pre-season marketing drive to the fast-growing Chinese international education market. 

Many of the fast-growing schools in Asia often find themselves with new positions to fill after February or March and will find this fair a very useful option to recruit teachers.

The Chinese market currently has close to 1,000 international education schools, attracting tens of thousands of talented teachers from diverse parts of the world. Many of the teachers will be looking for jobs in April/May. 

For schools and teachers located within China, this fair will be a very convenient option as recruiters or candidates (especially bilingual Chinese teachers) do not have to deal with cross-border visa and travel hassles.

The fair will rotate between being held in a charming location in either Beijing or Shanghai and will open its books for school and candidate registrations later this year.

Did You Know…?

This year, Search Associates assisted schools to find top candidates for over 48 key administrative openings, 30 of which were head of school appointments.