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January 3 - 6, 2018

Kendell, Nick

Fair Organizer:
Nick Kendell

January 3 - 6, 2018


Fair Organizer: Nick Kendell


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Welcome to Summer in Melbourne and the Search Associates International Job Fair.

This is the earliest Search Associates mid-size fair of the year, so teaching candidates have the first opportunity to impress the schools and recruiters at the beautiful Langham Hotel. The teachers who receive invitations to this fair are passionate about their students and have a proven track record. This is traditionally the most successful Search Associates fair in terms of candidate placements. Please see the tab, 'Schools Attending' on this page, for an up-to-date record of registered schools. This list will grow as schools finalise their hiring needs. Check back frequently to see the school list which will automatically update as a schools register to attend, and/or cancel their attendance. We anticipate around 50 international schools will be in attendance and approximately 200 candidates. We would love to see you there!

the Melbourne Fair.



We strongly suggest teachers arrive 3rd January for early registration, school presentations, and information sessions on PYP, MYP and IBDP (from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.). 
School presentations will take place BEFORE sign-ups so that candidates arrive at sign-ups fully informed about possible job opportunities.


All new candidates attending a Search Associates job fair MUST attend the candidate meeting at 10:30 a.m. on January 3rd. We will explain how the Fair is organized. Returning candidates are more than welcome to attend.


The earliest we would recommend leaving the fair would be late on January 5th, however, the fair does run until 2:00 p.m. on January 6th to allow for additional interviewing time for both recruiters and candidates. Please check the candidate schedule for a more detailed accounting of the schedule of events.

There is a free candidate/recruiter reception on the night of January 5th. Please remember to put this in your schedule. Spouses/friends are welcome to attend for $80, payable beforehand. 


The Melbourne job fair has always been renowned for its friendly atmosphere, and attention to the individual needs of both candidates and recruiters. In order to make your reservations at InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto at a discounted rate, you MUST click on the link included in your invitation and make your online reservation directly through the Search Associates room block. Please do NOT call the hotel directly to make or modify your reservations.


All rates are inclusive of complimentary wireless internet and breakfast for 1. Rates are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD)  and are inclusive of GST.

  • King Deluxe (first 20 rooms booked are at the special price of $195 per night). 
  • King Deluxe $200 per night. 
  • Junior Suite at $280 inclusive of internet and club access.

 Additional breakfasts can be consumed on the day and will be charged back to the room at the discounted rate of $25pp. Additional charges apply for room service breakfast.

Please only book the hotel after you have received a confirmed invitation to the Fair from your Associate.

Cancellations may be made without penalty up to 14 days before the fair.

Candidates are not required to stay at the Fair hotel, but we have negotiated a very competitive group rate. There is a distinct advantage to 'in-house' candidates in terms of availability for interviews and "exposure" to the recruiters, all of whom stay at  InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto. 

 The Hotel check-in time is from 1500, check-out time is up to 1100 

Conditions pertaining to Teaching Candidates

  1. Requesting a place from your Associate well before 31st December is preferred. Please use your dashboard to request an invitation. Your place at the fair is only definite once your Associate has sent you an invitation and you have registered and received confirmation from your Search Associate sponsor.
  2. If your place has been confirmed, schools will be informed that you are coming and may have researched your application, so please do not withdraw. You will lose your free fair attendance if your invitation is cancelled after December 20th.
  3. Invitations are only issued to registered and ‘active’ Search Associate candidates. All candidates need to have a minimum of four (4) confidential evaluations completed online. Please be considerate and approach your referees in good time. Remember to include referees who can be contactable over the holidays.
  4. Collect your candidate folder (available when you register) as early as possible so that you will have plenty of time to study the information before the candidate meeting, the Interview Sign-up Session and your Interviews. The Fair portal is available to access through your Search dashboard and offers an easy way to navigate just the schools attending the fair. Please use this valuable tool which is faster than the internet as it uses less bandwith. Candidates who are well-prepared stand a much better chance of placement.
  5. No guarantee can be given that any particular recruiter will interview you, let alone that any job offer(s) might come your way, but part of our function is to help all candidates and all recruiters to gain as much as possible from the Fair.
  6. Dress for the presentations and Interview sign-up session in business/ interview attire.
  7. Your word is your bond, both in promising accuracy and honesty in all papers you submit and in all statements you make, and in response to any job offer(s) made to you. The same applies to interviewers, who have also been asked not to put any candidates under pressure for an immediate answer if a job is offered at, (or soon after) the Fair.
  8. Recruiters should give candidates adequate time to consider employment offers. This time should be sufficient for candidates to both reflect on the offer itself, and to complete interviews with other schools during the job fair. If a candidate wishes, he or she may accept at any point following an offer being made.
  9. Search Associates expects that recruiters will observe the following guidelines, as a matter of professional ethics. When making an offer of employment to a candidate at a Search Associates Job fair, the recruiter should explain the following:
    • The candidate may be asked by the recruiter to respond to an offer by the published end date and time of the job fair, or within a minimum 24 hours of the offer being made, whichever is later.
    • Where the candidate intends to attend another job fair within 24 hours of a job offer being made, the recruiter may require a decision by midnight of the day before the start of the second job fair.
    • Recruiters may deviate from these standards only to extend the deadline for response beyond the periods stipulated above.
    • This timing also makes it possible for recruiters to offer the same position, if necessary, at the next fair or in a timely manner to another candidate if you decline. These timings are a condition of participating in this fair. Candidates are encouraged to research schools in advance, whenever possible, so that decisions can be made promptly. Recruiters are encouraged to have ample information available in print, including complete sample contracts, to give to candidates to expedite this decision making.
  10. IMPORTANT: According to the Search Agreement, you must notify the fair organizers and your sponsoring Associate WITHIN SEVEN DAYS or SOONER of accepting any verbal or written offer of employment, and also provide the name and location of the school who hired you THROUGH SEARCH ASSOCIATES or OTHERWISE. In this way, Search Associates will be immediately aware of the moment when you are no longer an actively searching candidate. In addition, please designate that you are not available through your Search dashboard. This is the peak recruitment season - your 'up to date' availability ensures that no one's time is wasted! Failure to comply with this may hinder applications to register with us in the future.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Search Melbourne January Fair.

Nick and Paula Kendell

Angola Luanda International School of Angola
Bangladesh International School Dhaka
Brazil The Pan American School of Porto Alegre
China American International School of Guangzhou
China Beijing International Bilingual Academy
China Dalton Academy - The Affiliated High School of Peking University
China Haileybury International School Tianjin
China HD Ningbo School (Hurtwood House China)
China International School of Beijing
China International School of Tianjin
China Keystone Academy
China Ningbo Huamao International School
China Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou
China Shanghai Fudan-Vanke Experimental Private School
China Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School
China Suzhou Singapore International School
China ULink College Guangzhou
China Utahloy International School Guangzhou
China Utahloy International School Zengcheng
China Vanke School, Pudong
China/Hong Kong The Independent Schools Foundation Academy
China/Hong Kong Victoria Shanghai Academy
China/Hong Kong Yew Chung International School
Germany International School of Dusseldorf
Germany Metropolitan School Frankfurt
India American School of Bombay
India International School of Hyderabad
India Oberoi International School
India The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad
Indonesia Global Jaya School
Indonesia Sekolah Ciputra, Surabaya
Japan International School of Asia, Karuizawa
Korea Branksome Hall Asia
Kuwait American Creativity Academy
Qatar The English Modern School, Doha
Saudi Arabia International Programs School, Al Khobar
Saudi Arabia The KAUST School
Singapore Chatsworth International School - Singapore
South Africa American International School of Johannesburg
Taiwan I-Shou International School, Kaohsiung
United Arab Emirates Ajman Academy
United Arab Emirates GEMS World Academy - Dubai
United Arab Emirates Raha International School, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates Victoria International School of Sharjah
Vietnam Australian International School, Vietnam
Vietnam Hanoi International School

Recruitment fair Comments

"After sending numerous letters and CV's and completing many of the schools online application processes and not getting anything back except the occasional auto response, it was great to come the fair; the heads of some fantastic schools were there and ready to seriously consider candidates and offer positions." - Mark
"A whirlwind few days, but professionally run and with a spirit of friendliness and helpfulness that shone through." - Mathew
"Well organised, everything worked smoothly. Great to have a range of schools from various regions." - Katherine
"This was my first fair and I really appreciated the opportunity to get an insight into schools from around the world through the individual school presentations." - Lee
"Without the opportunity to meet recruiters face to face, candidates are often just 'another piece of paper' (cv) so it is invaluable!" - Rebecca
"A fantastic fair. We had no idea what to expect beforehand but would definitely recommend to others!" - Matthew
"Outstanding prior info about the fair and what to expect. Very good communication at all times and exceptionally helpful and friendly staff." - Clinton
"Well organised, plenty of help from staff when required. Staff were really friendly and made a point to check in with how I was going." - Pippa
"The atmosphere Nick, Paula and the team bring to the fair is why I come back. It is warm, and supportive with some humor which is perfect match and balance to the intensity of the fair." - Lauren
"At the start I was incredibly nervous but I was at ease after a few days and meeting with some of the schools and talking to them about their packages and support for teachers new to the school. If I wanted help it was there, that's all I could ever want." - Royce
"Great organisation, friendliness and helpfulness all around." - Henriette
"Wonderful atmosphere from recruiters, Search staff, and candidates." - Kyle
"I thought the backup and continued interest from Search Associates was excellent. You have some awesome people, including the boys." - Adrian

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Nick Kendell has worked in Asia, Australia, and Africa as an educator and administrator.